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Revised descriptions of New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca from Beu and Maxwell (1990)

New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca

Zemacies prendrevillei Marwick, 1928


(Pl. 37u): holotype, GS10192, CH/f105, Whenuataru Tuff, Tarawhenua Peninsula, Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, Waipipian (TM6826, GNS)

Beu & Maxwell (1990): Chapter 14; p. 301; pl. 37 u.

Synonymy: Zemacies prendrevillei Marwick 1928, p. 489

Classification: Turridae: Zemacieinae?

Description: Large for family (to ca. 100 mm high), very tall and slender; presumably, when complete, shaped as in Z. elatior Finlay (Pl. 26i). Whorl outline with prominent rounded shoulder angle, medial on spire whorls, wide, steep, strongly concave sutural ramp (corresponding to apex of anal sinus), and wide, very low subsutural fold; tapering regularly below shoulder angle to very slightly concave neck and long, straight anterior canal without fasciole. Sculpture of many fine, close spiral cords over whole surface other than concave area of sutural ramp, and about 20 regularly placed, low, narrow, opisthocline, short axial costae per whorl, developed only on shoulder angle, persisting onto last whorl. Anal sinus very deep, narrowly U-shaped; below it, lip swings forward well in front of its sutural origin; shallow, wide stromboid notch over neck region. Protoconch unknown, presumably as in Z. elatior (Pl. 26i).

Comparison: Zemacies prendrevillei is very similar to common large Miocene species such as Z. lividorupis (Otaian, Bluecliffs, South Canterbury) and Z. elatior (Altonian-Clifdenian, Clifden, Southland; Pl. 26i) but differs in having finer spiral sculpture, a more prominent subsutural fold, and costae persisting onto the last whorl. An interesting return to the New Zealand fossil record of a genus common in Middle Eocene to Middle Miocene rocks, but not recorded from the Taranaki Series.

Distribution: Opoitian-Waipipian; Whenuataru Tuff, Tarawhenua Peninsula, northern Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, Waipipian-Mangapanian (type), in a mixed assemblage of shallow-water and upper bathyal taxa; also uncommon in shallow-water shellbeds at Waipipi, Waverley Beach, west of Wanganui (Waipipian) and the head of Greek's Creek, Arahura Valley, Westland (Opoitian).

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