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Revised descriptions of New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca from Beu and Maxwell (1990)

New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca

Willungia maoria Powell, 1938


(Pl. 24g): GS10365, D45/f8598, Long Beach Shellbed, Clifden, Altonian (GNS)

Beu & Maxwell (1990): Chapter 11; p. 220; pl. 24 g.

Synonymy: Willungia maoria Powell 1938a, p. 371

Classification: Triviidae: Eratoinae

Description: Large for subfamily (height c. 20 mm), thin-shelled, ovate. Protoconch obscured by callus; spire very low, last whorl capacious. No sculpture. Aperture large, anterior end rounded; inner lip with a strongly projecting ridge at anterior end and 8-10 prominent denticles or ridges above, the anterior 3 or 4 persisting across fossula. Outer lip with prominent varix, front face with 12 or 13 strong denticles or ridges.

Comparison: The genus Willungia Powell, 1938, which is based on the Tasmanian Longfordian (Early Miocene) species W. tasmanica Powell, 1938, has a sporadic record in New Zealand from at least Kaiatan to Waiauan. W. fracta (= Marginella ventricosa Hutton, 1873 (preoccupied), Duntroonian, Castle Hill Basin), has a less inflated last whorl than W. maoria and has inner and outer lips diverging more strongly towards the anterior end. W. erro (Otaian, Pakaurangi Point) is much smaller (height c. 6 mm) than either W. maoria or W. fracta and also differs in having distinct sculpture of irregular ridges and granules.

Distribution: ?Otaian, Altonian-Clifdenian; Fouraye Siltstone, Clifden, Altonian (type); Otahu Formation, Long Beach Shellbed and Slip Point Siltstone, Clifden; Mount Harris Formation, Awamoa Creek. Not common at any locality. The specimen from Squadron Bay, Waiheke Island (Otaian) figured by Powell (1938a, pl. 39, fig. 7) as W. fracta probably belongs here.

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