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Revised descriptions of New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca from Beu and Maxwell (1990)

New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca

Poirieria delli Maxwell, 1971


(Pl. 20p): holotype, GS9520, J41/f8029, Awamoa Creek, Oamaru, Altonian (TM4925, GNS)

Beu & Maxwell (1990): Chapter 11; p. 194; pl. 20 p.

Synonymy: Poirieria delli Maxwell 1971, p. 771

Classification: Muricidae: Muricinae

Description: Moderately large for genus (height 30-40 mm), biconic, spire about 0.3 total height. Protoconch mamillate, of 2 smooth whorls. Teleoconch of 5-6 whorls, shouldered well below middle on spire, in some shells shoulder almost immersed in suture; last whorl broadly excavated, with a moderately long neck. Axial sculpture of lamellar varices, very low except on periphery where they are folded to form prominent, almost horizontal, open triangular spines; varices extending across base of last whorl onto fasciole; 5 or 6 varices per whorl. Spiral sculpture of very weak threads on base. Aperture pyriform with moderately long, open siphonal canal; columella gently concave, inner lip moderately callused. Outer lip thin, weakly reflected, terminal spine very long in many shells, front face bent back at about 40°. Fasciole prominent, narrow, with a deep, narrow pseudumbilicus between it and inner lip.

Comparison: Poirieria delli is readily distinguished from P. zelandica (Pl. 48k) and P. primigena (Duntroonian-Opoitian) by its low spire and its low shoulder, and by the absence of variceal spines other than the peripheral spine. P. denticulifera (Pl. 8g) is much smaller than P. delli and has a conical protoconch, a single additional variceal spine and a denticulate outer lip.

Distribution: Waitakian?; Altonian; Mount Harris Formation, Awamoa Creek, Oamaru, Altonian (type); Ardgowan Shellbed; Southburn Sand, Tengawai River near Sutherlands; Mount Brown Formation, Weka Creek; Brother's Stream and Sister's Creek, Hakataramea Valley? Uncommon or rare at all localities.

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